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Lowongan PT. Geoservices

8:22 PM Posted by fadli_jabir
PT. GEOSERVICES is a national company that has a solid base of expertise covering all aspects of the exploration and development of Indonesia's oil, gas, coal, mineral, and geothermal industries

PT. GEOSERVICES long ago became internationally known for expertise and reliability in all areas of its activities. The growth of the company's size and reputation has been rooted in the excellence of its employees. The foundation for this excellence is a long-term commitment to the development of skills and knowledge, including off-shore training of local employees and interaction with expatriate consultants who relocate to Indonesia for varying periods of time.

Currently we are seeking for suitable candidate to fill the following position:


Jakarta Raya



Bachelor degree majoring in Geology

Minimum 2 years experience in oil & gas exploration field

Familiar to perform the analysis, mapping and survey in oil & gas exploration

Familiar with Geological Software

Must be fluently in English, both oral and written


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