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Make Money

6:37 AM Posted by fadli_jabir
Freelance and Blogging Jobs
choose the correct theme
trick to choose the theme for website or blog is very important, if you want to join with google adsense. there are 2 factor used attention
-lovely theme ar the theme is very confortable for your own potencial talent.
-Choose the theme who give you provit income
if you want to know what theme do you like just learn to yous self and if you want to know the the theme can gift you profit income you must doing survey about famous information on
This is the explaination about famous blogg or website :
-include tips & trick tutorial troubleshooting about something for example : how to use PC.
-free download website
-website or blog include entertainment content
-have daily life tips & trick
-selling product website or blog
-communities website or blog
-the page of web have a post box comment

Google suggest for website/blog theme
If you have confused to get correct theme for your blog / web, I gift you solution on google suggest description and type your keyword on available for you.

Find the popularite theme
if you want to choose the theme of website/blog, visit on your browser page then type : windows, linux on searching box and click enter, the page will showing different graphic popularity theme.
The source examination showing about search engine is the popularity tools on internet used to find information, and google is the top choice now, for example (google adsword) by advertiser have cost per click might promoted your online shop on google, this program called adsense.

Adwords and adsense
The different adwords and adsense is the adword just for advertiser and you spend money to purchase and join with adwords, the other side adsense used by publisher and its free.

What is advertiser
Advertiser is a company or people sale their product by google for example want to selling product by adwords and its called advertiser
Affiliates programs
This model to get money from internet by visitor webpage when doing transaction on your blog or website , there are many affiliate programs on internet for example:

two tier programs
the company will gift you commission from selling product on your page web and for your consideration you might visit this site

pay per sale
in generally this program same with two-tier program but the specific different available on product one by one, for example you might go to the address

The company will gift ‘bounty’ or reward for you after the visitor web or blog drive away to the merchant site and put advertisement in that merchant site.

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2 Response to "Make Money"

  1. Blogger Said,

    Discover how THOUSAND of people like YOU are working for a LIVING from home and are living their dreams TODAY.

    Posted on October 22, 2017 at 5:27 PM

  2. Blogger Said,

    If you're looking for a good Cost Per Sale ad network, I recommend you take a look at Click Bank.

    Posted on November 26, 2017 at 2:59 AM


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